Systems Integration

Let our technical consultants help you create an efficient business ecosystem: We focus on providing quick access to reliable, relevant, and complete information. To do so, we design and implement software solutions that integrate your existing in-house and third-party applications seamlessly.
Our Services
Legacy System Integration
Office 365 Integration
ERP Integration (Dynamics 365 and Salesforce)
SOA Integration
RPA Orchestrator Integration
IoT Integration

Our Approach

Our Approach to Systems Integration

  • Requirement & Specification
    We frame the requirements in both systems to make the process easy and seamless.
  • Feasibility Analysis
    We do intense research to do a complete analysis to integrate systems.
  • Architecture & Development
    A blueprint of the integration plan with the architecture plan to show how the two systems are integrated.
  • Management Plan
    We do risk factor calculations and project execution plans to mitigate any risks involved.
  • System Integration Design
    Preliminary logical and physical designs and detailed designs of the systems to be integrated.
  • Implementation
    Based on the system design, we integrate the two systems and test to give an error-free solution.
  • Evaluation
    We need to make sure the integrations are functioning properly. The components will be checked, maintained, and modified if required.
  • Integrating the Enterprise
    Disconnected products can be brought into a common platform to communicate with other products.
  • Reduce Bottlenecks
    A central software architecture that seamlessly connects data across your systems and software.
  • Expert Engineers
    We hire only the best engineers with top-notch skills and broad technology experience.
  • Leverage Technology
    We help you squeeze more value out of your existing technology investment.
  • Performance and Scale
    Speed is more than a buzzword. It’s an obsession for us.
  • Centralized Data
    Helping you make data available inside and outside the enterprise.
Use Cases

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Get more flexibility and value out of your applications by decoupling systems and breaking up monolithic applications using SOA and microservices.

Legacy System Modernization

Access legacy systems and utilize them to build new business applications.

RPA Orchestrator Integration

Integrate Salesforce and Dynamics 365 systems through UiPath Orchestrator queues.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Connecting IoT data, IoT applications, and IoT platforms with the enterprise IT ecosystem.

Our Technology Stack
UiPath Orchestrator
UiPath Connector
RESTful Services

Systems Integration

Interconnecting the Modern Enterprise

The IT systems landscape has evolved to greater heights. With cloud platforms, SaaS offerings, mobile applications, Internet of Things, AI, and services, nowadays the enterprise ecosystem is highly fragmented.

These applications must find a way to connect with on-premise systems and databases to ensure seamless connectivity and information access throughout the modern enterprise.

To improve enterprise connectivity, system integration tools will connect and provide a seamless integrated ecosystem.

Our Comprehensive Consulting Approach to Systems Integration

Pyxle provides comprehensive digital consulting across strategy, governance, and execution.

Digital Strategy

Keeping it relevant and prioritized

In modern enterprises with a variety of IT systems, we have seen how difficult it is to move data among systems and convert that data into useful insights for business leaders.


At Pyxle, our engineers will closely analyse existing systems and find ways to integrate them so that we can optimize business processes, reduce costs, and eliminate bottlenecks by creating a central software architecture that’s able to seamlessly connect and pass data between systems.

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change, and compliance

Over the years, we have seen enterprises struggle to connect systems and software, wasting time in the process and hampering the enterprise’s ability to make use of its data.


We at Pyxle understand the value of a centralized software architecture and our team will place structures, processes, and policies in place within the organization to yield tangible business value and mitigate risks by integrating systems and software.

Digital Execution

Speed and reliable delivery

Our Business Analysts will work closely with you to gather requirements, identify goals, and plan a solution fit for purpose. After we gather the requirement, our Architecture and Engineering teams will help you optimize your processes and give the best solutions to cater to your digital roadmap and business goals.