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Innovate rapidly with full software development lifecycle services

For a growing number of companies whose business is software, it’s fundamental to innovate and release to market quickly. To be nimble and adapt to constantly changing market conditions, software companies today must look at collaborative approaches to developing and maintaining software products.

We work with organisations to enable and support their product development vision and roadmap, from ideation and design to development and maintenance.

Software Engineering

Our software development practice gives organisations the flexibility to focus on business operations and growth, while meeting their technology needs. We can augment existing in-house teams, or fully manage end-to-end delivery of a product with our software architects, full stack developers, UI/UX designers, database experts, test analysts and release engineers.

Our client onboarding process helps our clients define the most suitable team configurations, communications plan and delivery cadence. We follow Agile Scrum methodology and can tailor the development process as needed to match our clients’ ways of working. Our core competencies in terms of technologies revolve around the Microsoft development stack as well as open-source development platforms. One of our key differentiators is our ability to source full stack developers who are increasingly in demand by our clients.

Software Quality Assurance

Our software quality assurance practice ensures that testing is baked into the software from the start, not as an afterthought.

We follow best practices to define, measure, analyze and control quality throughout the development lifecycle. Our QA methodology aims to identify defects at early stages and ensures that released code meets both functional and non-functional requirements. We offer a wide range of quality engineering services, from test design and planning to test automation and execution, to ensure quality products and user experiences every time.

Agile Project Management

We provide project management services to ensure every software project meets precise timelines, high quality standards and required budgets.

As a standard we follow Scrum methodologies with daily stand ups and two week sprints, with flexibility to adapt project management and communications practices to the clients’ preferred way of working. For large engagements with multiple work streams, we provide program management services to coordinate across all the project-level timelines, teams and deliverable.

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