Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Accelerating business with automation

Our RPA experts build intelligent automation solutions that accelerate the organization’s digital performance by enhancing workforce productivity, improving customer and employee experiences, delivering significant effort reduction and cost optimization, and sustaining ongoing operations.
RPA Benefits
Free up your people for creative work
Reduce the burden of repetitive tasks
Reduce processing times
Improve data accuracy
Flexible pricing models
Flexible development scenarios (on-premise, cloud, and hybrid)

Our Approach

Redefining your tasks and processes through automation


Select the right processes to serve as candidates for RPA

Proof of Concept

Prototype to demonstrate the design concept.


Put the automated process into everyday operation to evaluate impact.


Craft a successful go-live process best suited to your environment.

  • Expert Developers
    We hire only the best RPA experts with top-notch skills and experience.
  • Leading Technology
    We use top-ranked enterprise RPA platforms trusted by thousands globally.
  • Flexible Models
    We cater to your unique RPA journey, from process analysis to technical support.
  • Performance
    Speed is more than a buzzword. It’s an obsession for us.
  • Change Management
    We understand that successful RPA projects keep up with normal process changes.
  • Data Security
    Secure applications don’t just happen. We bake in security right from the start.
Use Cases

Digital Transformation

RPA helps businesses automate low-value repetitive tasks, allowing people to focus on high-value work that transforms your business.

Customer Experience

Give your customers faster service by speeding up both front desk support tasks and back office processes.


Ensure your company meets regulatory and compliance standards with greater transparency and fewer errors.

Employee Experience

Put a smile on your employees' faces with faster and more responsive internal shared services, leveraging automation.

Our Technology Stack
Automation Anywhere
Microsoft Power Automate

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Accelerating business with automation

Pyxle helps mid-market businesses leverage the advantages of robotic process automation (RPA) to achieve their business goals.

RPA empowers business leaders to accelerate digital transformation, meet compliance requirements, improve customer experience, and enhance employee experience.

RPA is a technology that uses software robots to emulate the actions performed by humans when interacting with digital systems to execute business processes, seamlessly integrating data between systems and automatically triggering activities.

Our architects and certified RPA developers help you develop a roadmap and quickly show the value of automation with a proof-of-concept (POC) implementation.

Join the millions of businesses gaining competitive advantage and greater productivity with the power of robotic process automation.

Our Comprehensive Approach to RPA

Pyxle provides comprehensive RPA consulting across strategy, governance, and execution.

Digital Strategy

Keeping it relevant and prioritized

We help customers align automation efforts to their business goals, by looking at ways to reduce risks, lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. Our consultants start by identifying, weighing, and prioritizing the processes that need to be automated.


Before automating, we…
1. Examine the process completely
2. Identify tasks
3. Standardize the process
4. Select which process need automation

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change, and compliance

When embedding RPA effectively to an organization, we provide governance methods and training to ensure they are efficient, effective, and used properly.


We also use governance processes and tools to examine the efficiency to prioritize the best tasks to work with. This will help to effectively use RPA staff to reduce external resources, reduce project risks, build consistency, reduce rework, and overcome usual real-world challenges.

Digital Execution

Speed and reliable delivery

After identifying the processes that need to be automated, the focus is the speedy and reliable delivery of the automation solution. First, we do a Process Definition Document (PDD) to show the high-level flow of the manual process and then a Solution Design Document (SDD) to describe the technical solution of the business process. The SDD will be converted to an RPA workflow and solution that will ultimately help you reduce cost, improve data accuracy and quality, improve consistency, ensure employee productivity, and make processes faster.