Product Engineering

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Our engineering consultants will work with you to co-create the product that best matches your business goals. Our end-to-end software product development lifecycle services and “fit for purpose” technologies will accelerate your company’s go-to-market strategy, improve quality, and reduce costs.
Our Services
Software development (Client/Server, Web, Mobile, Cloud)
UI/UX Design
API Design & Development
Software Quality Engineering
Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our Approach

  • Product Ideation
    We identify scope and build POC prototypes
  • Product Design & Architecture
    We formulate a product through a series of steps from start to finish
  • Product Engineering
    We convert software characteristics into structured solutions to meet technical and business expectations
  • Product Migration
    We migrate both software and hardware to on-premises or cloud
  • Technical Support (L3 Support)
    We monitor and maintain computer systems and networks infrastructure to resolve technical and application problems
  • Professional Services
    Our managed services team will help and be responsible for your IT solutions
  • Expert Engineers
    We hire only the best engineers with top-notch skills and broad technology experience
  • Latest Technology
    We use the latest industry proven frontend and backend web technology
  • Phenomenal UI/UX
    With a professional UI/UX team, we focus on the user experience and pay attention to details
  • Performance & Scale
    Speed is more than a buzzword. It’s an obsession for us.
  • Security
    Secure applications don’t just happen. We bake in security right from the start.
  • Agile & DevOps Cultures
    We manage complex projects and end-to-end engineering processes through agile and DevOps cultures to meet continuous deadlines.
Use Cases

Digital Transformation

Use digital technologies to create new business processes, digital ecosystems & customer experiences to meet changes in the business

Legacy System Modernization

Transform legacy or unmanaged systems and IT assets to manageable upgradeable future ready systems to overcome hidden costs

Component Based Development

We carefully decomposition designs into individual functional or logical components that function independently yet work as a cohesive part of the bogger solution

Predictive Analytics to Boost Product Development

Make your project estimates easy by using powerful data analysis and modelling techniques to bring new clarity to project estimates

Our Technology Stack

Product Engineering

When innovating to design through development, our architects and engineers will focus on delivering best solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

It can be waterfall, Iterative, Incremental or Agile project and development approach, we can streamline your development need to fulfil your business requirement.

If you want to get rid of your legacy code, give a boost to your user experience, decouple your application through component based development, expose services publicly and private, increase your product quality and performance, scale your application though pay-as-you-go models, take your digital experience to cloud, reporting through data analytics, device to device communication or automate your day today recurring processes Pyxle is the place to go.

Our Comprehensive Consulting Approach to Product Engineering

Pyxle provides comprehensive digital consulting across strategy, governance, and execution.

Digital Strategy

Keeping it relevant and prioritized

In our product engineering strategy we take a holistic approach towards decision making to give the best solutions to our clients.

If can be a bespoke solution or an off the shelf SaaS offering, we make sure our clients will get the right solution to enhance their capabilities in the digital era.

Our expert team is capable of understanding what our customers want and take them in the phases of product engineering life cycle to meet the best solutions.

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change & compliance

For a long period we have studied and seen projects fail because of poor user involvement, not understanding business objectives, controlling scope, wage business requirements and unreliable estimates.

We at Pyxle understand what the customer wants and through our consulting services we place structures, processes and policies in place with in the business and organization to yield business value and mitigate risks.

Digital Execution

Speed and reliable delivery

Based on the type of requirement, our Business Analysts will speak to our clients to get the best out of them. after we gather the requirement, our architecture team will help clients to optimize their processes and give the best solutions to cater to their engineering needs.

Our technical competent teams are capable of delivering development tasks quickly and we monitor our progress through Agile development practices and achieving regular milestones to meet deadlines.