Insights, Intelligence, and Analytics

Make data-driven decision-making a reality

Through a holistic understanding of your business and data strategy, our consultants will build the ideal solutions to help achieve your desired business performance. We use best-of-breed technologies for data warehousing, business intelligence, data management, analytics, and machine learning.

Our Approach

  • Our Expertise
    Our experts can come up with an end-to-end solution to meet your requirement and business objectives.
  • Scalable
    Solutions that grow with your business, cost-effectively and quickly.
  • Latest technology
    We use the latest open source and proprietary tools and platforms. Our tools and platforms give the flexibility to design the solutions to fit your hosting needs on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Data Strategy
    Our experts can help you get your data under control and put in place a proper data strategy.
  • Value Extraction
    Our expert team is focused on one thing: helping you derive meaningful and intuitive value from your data.
  • Data Security
    We take industry standards and data security policies to the highest level to protect your business and your customers.
Use Cases

Data Engineering / Big Data Solutions

Our data architects and engineers will help you to break individual data silos and put forth the best blueprint in solving your problem with cutting-edge technology. We will help you follow industry standards and best practices so that your enterprise data warehouse or data lake is ready to grow with your business into the future.

Storytelling / Visualisation

We will provide you with the best-in-the-industry visualizations. Our experts who are skilled in an array of technologies and tools strive to come up with the best solutions for the customer that align well with customers’ objectives, budgets, and timelines.

Insights and Analytics

Data analysed with proper intent brings to light patterns and trends and often highlights opportunities you have not seen before. Our detailed analysis and data visualisations will help you to make the right decisions to cut down on waste and maximise the return on your investments.

Our Technology Stack
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon EMR
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Microsoft Power BI
Amazon QuickSight
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Business Intelligence
Google Big Query
Oracle Database
Apache Spark

Insight, Intelligence & Analytics

Let your data talk to you

Data is thought of as the biggest asset of any business in the current competitive and volatile business world. In fact, data is the new gold. One should be able to create that market-disruptive move and be the first to market to be competitive in today’s business world.

Pyxle helps mid-market growth businesses leverage their data by unlocking the information hidden in the data and letting the data speak to the business in many ways.

Market-disruptive, smart, efficient, and quality decision-making requires mining your data and slicing and dicing it to show you the value that it brings to the table. This can bring value operationally and open up completely new business opportunities to take you to new heights you had never dreamed of.

Any organization needs a holistic view of the business and should be able to visualize their processes, which in return helps to fine-tune and achieve the best outcome against the cost in maximizing profit and shareholder value.

Our business intelligence and analytics solutions provide vital business insights to help organizational leaders make data-driven decisions that keep businesses ahead of their competition.

Our experts are specialists in providing solutions using a wide range of business intelligence and data services, transforming data that’s scattered across the enterprise in many different silos and spreadsheets, into a comprehensive view of the business, and uncovering valuable business insights. We do so by linking inputs from critical stakeholders and providing a framework for measuring and communicating success.

What technologies do we work with?
Microsoft (Azure, SQL Server, Power BI), Oracle (OBIEE, ODI, OWB), AWS, Couchbase, MongoDB, IBM, SAP, Talend, QlikView, Tableau, and Informatica.

Our Comprehensive Consulting Approach to Insights, Intelligence & Analytics

Pyxle provides comprehensive digital consulting across strategy, governance, and execution.

Digital Strategy

Keeping it relevant and prioritized

Data-driven decision-making is a journey that we walk with our clients together to maximize their value proposition.


Our strategy takes the clients to that visionary future state where they are able to visualize and tell their story utilizing the data inside and outside the organization. This helps in understanding the business better, maximizing the return on each cent spent while planning for the next big stride. Our strategy ensures quick results and is customized according to each client’s budget and goals.

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change, and compliance

Our simple and well-oiled governance framework will define the key stakeholders, key points of contact, roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, issue-resolving process, stakeholders impacted from an issue, and the escalation mechanism when a critical issue arises. This defines the decision-making process and provides direction to the entire engagement with our clients.

Digital Execution

Speed and reliable delivery

With the combination of both best-in-the-industry, business BAs and technical BAs, we will make sure that we capture the requirement covering precisely all the areas in our client’s data journey.


Understanding this requirement, our technical architects will produce a unique solution architecture for each client based on a 360-degree fact analysis of each client. We always make sure that our solutions are futuristic and able to grow vertically as well as horizontally.


Our specialist development team will make sure that we deliver on time as promised and we track our progress using agile development practices providing clear visibility to everyone. We always make sure that we deliver results in quick iterations so our clients see quick return on investment without waiting for the entire project to complete.