Hosting, Cloud, and Technology Operations

With certified expertise in Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud services, we provide you with 24X7 operational support through our hosting, cloud, and technology operations services. We also provide critical infrastructure support and managed services, as well as application support and maintenance services to help remotely manage IT operations, data, and infrastructure.
Our Services
Web Hosting
(Shared, Dedicated, Cloud)
Cloud Services and TechOps
Managed Services
Maintenance Services
Support Services

Our Approach

  • Ability to Scale
    Scale your resources & IT staff during change without big upfront investments
  • Lowered Costs
    Pay monthly & annual subscriptions or pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and eliminate investing on infrastructure and software licenses
  • Increased Flexibility
    Scale services at your convenience: on-demand and as needed
  • Availability
    We maximise the availability of your services, systems, and data
  • Infrastructure Management & Support
    We will take care of your systems, networks & storage
  • Application Support & Maintenance
    We offer L1 & L2 support and can extend to L3 support if required
Use Cases

Hosting Applications & Services

Host your applications & services with us rather than relying on physical distribution

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We will host your SaaS application and make them available to the customer and customize if possible

Scaling Resources

Let us take care of your future today and worry about your growth in http requests and data

24/7 Support

We value your AMC and Support Contracts and offer top quality support and maintenance services

Our Technology Stack
Helpdesk Software
Monitoring Software
Ticketing Software

Hosting, Cloud and TechOps

Secure your Enterprise’s Future Today

Pyxle helps midmarket growth companies by looking into your Hosting, Cloud and Technology Operation requirements and with the help of our Cloud, TechOps and Process teams will lay out the best solution that suites your enterprise.

It can be hosting a website or a web application to a VPS or cloud, spinning up a HA solution on AWS, designing an application using cloud SAAS offerings that auto scale, managing storage, unifying global operations or supporting your applications, we will give you the best solution leveraging our experts and using loads of research.

Transfer your IT operations burden to us and we will secure your enterprise’s future today.

Our Comprehensive Consulting Approach to Hosting, Cloud, and Technology Operations

Pyxle provides comprehensive digital consulting across strategy, governance, and execution.

Digital Strategy

Keeping it relevant and prioritized

We take a consulting approach in all our engagements and avoid prematurely jumping into solutioning. Whether it’s application hosting, acquiring cloud services or providing technical operations support, we will first study the requirement and empower your business leaders with insightful digital advisory to decide a proper strategy and implementation approach. With the right strategy in place our technical teams gets involved to give you the best solution that will be cutting-edge and position your digital ecosystem for growth and success.

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change & compliance

For a long period we have studied and seen projects fail because of poor user involvement, not understanding business objectives, controlling scope, vague business requirements and unreliable estimates. At Pyxle our goal is to understand what customers want, and through our consulting services, we recommend and help implement governance frameworks, processes, and policies within the business and IT organization in order to yield true business value and reduce risks.

Digital Execution

Speed and reliable delivery

After understanding the customer needs and goals, we work towards delivering a winning solution, backed up by our support and maintenance services.

As a trusted service provider to customers around the globe, we aim to provide hosting, cloud and technology operations support services to the highest industry standard, quickly and reliably.

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