Digital Advisory

Maximizing your enterprise’s digital maturity

We unite business strategy with the digital roadmap by transforming business processes to best fit your organization’s digital journey.

Our Approach

  • Experienced consultants
  • Process-driven approach
  • Proven digital maturity framework
  • Actionable assessment results

Digital Advisory

Our digital advisory services for middle market companies help C-suite leaders to effectively lead their enterprises through the digital transformation journey.

At Pyxle we firmly believe that your digital strategy, processes, and ecosystem must be aligned with the business vision.

Our consulting approach is customer-centric and results-oriented. We start all engagements with an assessment of your organization’s Digital Maturity, which identifies your business goals, reveals gaps, and identifies risks in your existing digital ecosystem. The outcome of our digital advisory engagement is either a get-well plan or a future state recommendation.

Digital Performance Discovery (DPD)

Advising an organization’s current and desired digital state & outlining a prioritized roadmap geared for growth
Diagram for Pyxle's Digital Performance Discovery (DPD)

The DPD service involves advisory to assess an organization’s current and desired digital roadmap, prioritized and geared for growth.

The focus of DPD is the future state of the organization: it will identify the gaps between the organization’s vision and the current digital ecosystem, plus a prioritization of the implementations. This type of engagement provides a roadmap of the digital journey based on the organization’s growth vision: it outlines where existing workflows can be simplified, where current business applications can be leveraged to get the best value, and where the enterprise requires better and faster operating and performance insights. Lastly DPD identifies where new investment should be focused, to reduce spending and maximize the efficiency and ROI of the transformed digital ecosystem.

Use Case for DPD

Corporate Growth

Digital Maturity Due Diligence (DMD)

Assessing an organization’s current digital state in terms of maturity & outlining a remediation plan
Diagram for Pyxle's Digital Maturity Due Diligence (DMD)

This service assesses an organization’s current digital state in terms of maturity and outlines a remediation plan to get the maximum return out of current investments.

The focus of the Digital Maturity Due Diligence advisory is the current state: it identifies areas that need improvement or compliance and recommends priorities to get the most value out of current investments. This type of engagement detects the inefficiencies or gaps in the current digital state of the organization and provides remediation actions to rectify the prevailing issues in order of priority. The DMD advisory process ensures an organization is digitally fit to perform at the level expected out of the current digital investments.

Use Cases for DMD

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Separations

Benefits of our Digital Advisory

  • Identify quick wins to expedite digital transformation and ROI
  • Discover the knowledge within the IT organization and where to invest for better outcomes
  • Determine the standards & practices within the enterprise with a view of vulnerabilities and their importance
  • Outline the valuable digital assets and the steps required to secure them
  • Implement a plan to close the gap between the data/insights required against what is currently available to optimize information and insights
Digital Advisory Insights