Digital Consulting

Our Way of Working with Our Digital Consultancy Portfolio— Involving All Digital Performance Dimensions

Pyxle’s consultants operate on all levels of clients’ organizations. Pyxle provides you with comprehensive digital consulting across strategy, governance, and execution. Our consulting practice is supported by an infrastructure of Digital Development Centres, Digital Innovation Centres, and Digital Learning practices.

Our Digital Consulting Pillars

Digital Strategy

Covering relevance and prioritisation

Well-intended digital transformation initiatives are often launched, but are they strategically relevant and correctly prioritized?

Pyxle team will fuel your digital performance by challenging your status quo to understand your business vision, strategy and digital Initiatives. Thereafter we assist you realign your digital strategy with realistic digital governance and digital execution road map focused on value creation.

Digital Governance

Covering ownership, change, and compliance.

The digital transformation gap can easily be laid at the feet of the IT department, but, in reality, is it not the responsibility of the whole ecosystem of business, innovation, compliance together with the IT department?

Pyxle team will ignite your digital performance by consulting you on your digital governance and assisting your team to clearly understand the organizational commitment required for the digital compliance and execution.

Digital Execution

Covering speed and delivery

Is your IT execution performing? Does IT meet business requirements? Is a performance system in place? Is the IT delivery able to execute and accelerate?

Pyxle team will execute your tailored digital roadmap accelerating your digital performance leading to greater resource management, employee empowerment, greater customer insights, better customer experience and effective decision making.

Our Core Capabilities

Business Consulting

Our team of experts will be direct while recognizing the limitations of your existing business model. They will challenge the status quo while exploring opportunities and making recommendations that tap into emerging technologies and new delivery models in the journey of transforming the business processes to thrive in the fast-approaching disruptive future.

Product Innovation

Our Digital Innovation and Learning practices are fully dedicated to co-create innovative solutions with you, leveraging best-of-breed technologies. You gain access to our innovation experts in order to ignite your ideas and fuel your products for a timely delivery to the market.

Product Engineering

Our engineering team will first understand your operations and work with your operational teams to co-create the best product to suit your business goals. We help you with end-to-end software product development lifecycle services and enable your organisation to accelerate its go-to-market strategy, improve quality through a fail-fast approach, and reduce the total cost of ownership for new, re-designed and enhanced products using “fit for purpose” technologies.

Insights, Intelligence & Analytics

Our data consultants take a holistic approach to understand your business and data strategy, derive intelligence and value from your data, and build a framework to help you achieve your desired business performance. Our approach encompasses data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics, and machine learning, using best-of-breed technologies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our RPA team of experts work with organisational business leaders to design and build automation solutions focused on accelerating digital performance, meeting compliance requirements, improving customer experience, and enhancing employee experience, while delivering significant effort reduction, cost optimization, and faster time to market.

Systems Integration

Our technical consultants help you create an efficient business ecosystem, which provides quick access to reliable, relevant, and complete information by designing and implementing software solutions that integrate your existing in-house and third party applications.

Hosting, Cloud, and Technology Operations

Our Hosting, Cloud & Technology Operations services span infrastructure support and managed services, application support and maintenance, and 24X7 operational support, providing organisations with critical support to manage IT operations, data, and infrastructure, allowing them to focus on core business operations and growth. We have certified expertise in Azure, AWS and Google cloud services.

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