Pyxle ensures business continuity for a premium food manufacturer

Customer: Food manufacturer
Customer size: US$500m turnover
Country or Region: Asia Pacific
Industry: Agrifood
Customer Profile
Large meat manufacturer
with 20+ locations producing
fine food for
global markets.
Software and Services
IT shared services
Data centre migration
Remote and onsite support

The Challenge

Our client, a large food manufacturing company, had in recent years become increasingly dependent on IT infrastructure to drive operations, from financial transactions to data replications across farms. With the business expanding, the need for better IT infrastructure became apparent across broad systems integration and a spike in demand for data storage. As such the company needed a stronger business continuity plan that included disaster recovery, backup and remote operations.

Critical data, critical situation

The most critical data was stored in two data centres based in geographically different locations in the same city. The data centre hardware was long due for an upgrade and the business faced continuous risk of data loss and long hours of downtime in crucial applications.

The company searched for a technology partner who could take ownership of the IT infrastructure, which was previously handled by vendors and contracted employees, one who could migrate data securely to new hardware and new data centres, all while rapidly learning the agrifood domain and specific needs of the manufacturing business. Pyxle matched these requirements and the two parties quickly set about planning the necessary upgrades and migrations.

Data centric

The first step in addressing the data centre issues was a brief discovery carried out Pyxle in a set of live onsite discovery workshops with client teams and business analysis consulting. Pyxle afterwards prioritised project streams based on the needs of the business and identified a three-phase data centre migration project.

Challenges along the way

Despite thorough planning, the project met with certain challenges due to lack of documentation and a history of multiple of vendors and contractors, each with different implementation approaches. Business-as-usual (BAU) tasks were consuming an excessive 60% of IT’s time, keeping IT staff overstretched. On top of that, systems were stretched to their limit, and there were incompatibilities between old and new hardware.

As the data centre migration project evolved, the Pyxle shared services team adapted to the different challenges and kept course to deliver the planned results.

Faster and better

As a result of the 9-month phased data centre migration, the food manufacturer today enjoys greater infrastructure uptime and enhanced end user experience.

The ERP production system saw 32-50% improvements across package builds and long running reports. Reports that used to take half an hour now take less than 15 minutes.

The central data server showed drastically improved I/O performance.

The central data server showed drastically improved I/O performance.

The database server also saw significant I/O performance gains

The database server also saw significant I/O performance gains

Ready today, primed for tomorrow

The migration project has given our client greater IT and physical security, improved asset management, more thorough systems documentation, better change control, standardised operating standards and processes, greater capacity planning, better maintenance and license management, upgraded service and operating level agreements, better business alignment and stronger data centre facility management.

Not only is the manufacturing business running its day-to-day IT operations better, it’s also empowered for the long term with stronger disaster recovery (DR) readiness.